We landed on Santa Cruz Island and took a bus to the Charles Darwin Research Station. 
At the entrance were beautiful acacia trees in bloom.
The Charles Darwin Station has a tortoise breeding centre where various breeds of endangered giant tortoises are hatched and  brought up in captivity.  
Lonesome George was the last surviving Pinta tortoise.  He was brought to the breeding centre in 1972, where he was corralled with two Espanaola Island tortoises and two from Isabela Island, but no offspring resulted.  George died in 2012 when he was about 100 years old.  He has been preserved and is in a place of honour at the centre.  
We walked down the hill back into the town of Puerto Ayora. 
The acacia trees lining the streets were gorgeous!
Down by the harbour was a busy fish market. 
The pelicans were waiting hopefully for someone to throw them some scraps. 
Under the dock, a great blue heron had caught a moray eel.
Lots more wildlife down by the docks

Clockwise from left, a whimbrel, a marine iguana, a reef shark and two golden rays.
Local boats showing their Pride
The pretty docks at Puerto Ayora
After lunch, we took a bus to El Chato Ranch, where tortoises freely roam.  So many tortoises!
A yellow warbler
A Galapagos finch high up in a tree
More wildlife down at the docks after our visit to El Chato
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