Cerro Brujo Beach crabs - on the left is a ghost crab, tiny and quick. 
On the right is a juvenile sally lightfoot crab
Rays were swimming in the shallow water next to the beach. 
We could go into the water as long as we shuffled our feet so that we didn't step on them and risk getting stung!
a comical sea lion
Yolita II gang walking the beach
View of scenic Kicker Rock
Marine Iguanas lounging on the rocks.
Marine Iguana territorial battle
Video of the battle!!!
A yellow warbler on the beach
A semi-palmated plover
The afternoon, when we snorkelled off the panga with sea lions at Isla Lobos, was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. 
A video of swimming with sea lions  - you can hear the sea lions talking to each other!  
After lunch we went ashore at Isla Lobos to explore the wildlife there. 
This handsome marina iguana was the welcome party.
Lots of sea lions with pups
Blue-footed boobies
A brown pelican
A couple of juvenile frigate birds
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