The beautiful turquoise waters of Tagus Cove
Endemic Galapagos Mockingbird
Endemic Darwin's Finch
In the afternoon, we walked trails and snorkelled at Punta Espinoza
"Visitors are respectfully reminded that the indigenous wildlife of these islands is strictly protected by law"
SO MANY marine iguanas!!!
friendly sea lions on the beach
Of course there were sally lightfoots!
A velvet crab hiding in the rocks.  
My first sighting of a Galapagos hawk!
Cacti growing right out of the lava!  And whale bones.
I saw hundreds of tiny (less than 1" fiddler crabs from a bridge we were walking across. 
They reminded me of ants that I had seen ferrying leaves in Costa Rica, but when I looked in the camera, they had claws.  One claw is very large, the other much smaller, and thus their name "fiddler crab".  
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