A sea lion welcoming committee
My favourites were the sea lion pups! 
The one at the bottom right had just been born hours earlier (evidence still on the beach), and it was trying to suckle from its exhausted mother.
Some sources say that swallow-tailed gulls are endemic to the Galapagos, some call it "near endemic".  
The gulls on Genovesa Island were nesting and some chicks had already hatched.
This swallow-tailed gull chick was old enough to be wandering around on its own
So many red-footed boobies on Genovesa nesting in bushes and on cacti.  All of the booby species are endemic to the Galapagos.
The chicks have black bills and fluffly white down
Young frigate birds nested very close to the red-footed boobies
Nazca boobies also nest on Genovesa
Nazca booby chick
Nazca booby chick
The Galapagos mockingbird brought Darwin his "eureka moment" when he realized that the mockingbirds on each island had evolved to suit the specific conditions of that island.  
We encountered a yellow crowned night heron
And our first Darwin's finch, which is endemic to the Galapagos
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