On the morning of January 22, we got up early to tour around Daphne Island because 10 of our fellow travellers (out of 15) were leaving our tour to explore other places.  So this was one of two sunrises that I saw on the tour!  I'm not usually a morning person....
It was a great opportunity to capture birds in flight. 
Here is a blue-footed booby flying against the orange/brown rock of Dalphne Island
It was a real challenge to capture the very fast-flying red-billed tropicbird
More blue-footed boobies flying around Daphne Island
A brown pelican flying at Daphne Island
Swallow-tailed gull in flight at Daphne Island
Back on board Yolita II, many  frigate birds were again visiting the top deck
In the afternoon, we visited North Seymour Island and saw many frigate bird males displaying their balloon-like necks in their efforts to attract a female.
Looks like it worked for this guy!!!
More hopeful males
Beautiful scenery at North Seymour
Frigate birds - chick and juveniles
Bluefooted booby set against a beautiful background of red rock and Galapagos carpetweed
A serene land iguana
Sweet sea lions
Swallow-tailed gulls nesting on North Seymour. 
The first gentleman is bringing a rock present to his mate.
Marine Iguana Love
Lava Gull on lava rock
Crazy waves!!!
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