Some of our fellow G Adventures travellers enjoying the beautiful white sand beach at Gardner Bay.  
a cute little hermit crab on the beach
Here's a video of the same little guy (about 2-3 inches in diameter)
lots of friendly sea lions
A brown pelican was playing with a bone or a piece of coral - obviously he couldn't eat it, but he kept picking it up and tossing out.
I love how the colour of the water is reflected in the underwing of the birds
Blue-footed boobies were also hunting for fish
In the afternoon, we visited Punta Suarez and the first thing we saw on the beach were sea lions.
  I love the affection in this photo!  
A hungry baby and a tired mom
Marine Iguanas here are very colourful
A few lava lizards skittering around
A Galapagos mockingbird
The only waved albatross we saw on the whole trip.  They can only be seen here on Espanola Island, and usually only between April and December.  This chick must have been a late hatcher, as in late January it is still losing its chick feathers. 
Lots of nazca boobies nesting here.  Some of the eggs have already hatched. 
Two eggs at once are rare, and this mom seems very proud of herself!
A Galapagos hawk was checking things out from the top of a tree.
And blue-footed boobies were nesting there too!
Marine Iguanas and Darwin's finches have a symbiotic relationship - the finch feeds on tics that annoy the iguana!
A triple whammy!  A swallow-tailed gull, marine iguana and mockingbird sharing the same rock.  
Lisa, the best "spotter" in the world.  Nothing escapes her!  
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