My friend Karen and I drove to Leamington, Ontario the day before the eclipse, on April 7, 2024.  I just lucked into this trip because Karen had already planned to go down and so when we ran into each other, she invited me to tag along!  So lucky.  We had planned to go into Point Pelee National Park, but rumour had it that it was going to be very busy.  We had a room in an Inn that was right in front of the Leamington - Pelee Island Ferry Terminal, so with my trusty wagon, it was simple to get all of our gear down to the big open space by the marina.  

Here are my first few pictures, just of the diamond ring and totality.  I do have lots of the cookie with increasingly larger bites out of it, but I want to make them into a composite, and that will take a little time.
Click on each one to get a full-sized image.  Enjoy!
This one is a little noisy, but I wanted to show the red "beads" at the edge in more detail.
The second diamond ring was not exactly opposite where the first one appeared, which has me confused, but it has something to do with the path of the moon not being straight.  I'll think about it and update with an explanation if I can.
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