Pixuberant - Photography by Sandy Nelson

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Eclipse 2024
Snorkelling at Silfra Fissure in Iceland
Bears at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park
Bears of Moraine Creek
Geese (mostly goslings!)
Tree swallows
Great Crested Flycatcher
January 15 Baltras, Bachas Beach
Day 1 of our Galapagos Adventure.
January 16 Genovesa Island walks
Day 2 of our Galapagos adventure. The first walk was at Darwin Bay, where we saw lots of wildlife. We also went snorkelling, but I hadn't figured out my Gopro yet, and I deleted all of the footage because it was awful. In the afternoon, we tried to land at El Barranco, but it was far too rough.
January 17 Bartolome Island, Santiago Island
Day 3 of our Galapagos adventure!
January 18 Isabela Is. & giant tortoise Breeding Centre
Day 4 of our Galapagos Adventure!
January 19 Urbina Bay and Fernandina Island
January 20 Tagus Cove and Punta Espinoza
January 21 Buccaneer Cove and Rabida Island
January 22 Daphne Island, Baltra, N. Seymour Is.
Jan 23 - Kicker Rock, swim with sea lions, Isla Lobos
January 24 - Gardner Bay, Punta Suarez
January 25 Santa Fe Island, South Plaza Is.
January 26 Charles Darwin Station, El Chato Ranch
January 27 Punta Cormorant, Post Office Bay
January 28 Chinese Hat, Cerro Drago
Steller's Sea Eagle
A rare siting of a Steller's Sea Eagle in North America. Captain Bob from Trinity Eco-tours knew exactly where it was and tried ot keep the zodiac still for about 10 minutes so we could get our shots.
Puffins at cliffs near Bonavista
Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve
Elliston (Puffin Rock!)
Whale watching/Iceberg watching tour
Bonavista Harbour
Comet Neowise
Milky Way and other night shots
Moon Shots
Antarctica Scenery
Fin Whales
Golden Morph Fur Seal Pups
Weddell Seals
Leopard Seals
Fur Seals
Elephant Seals
Crabeater Seals
Photos of Adelie penguins taken in Antarctica in January 2020. Swimming, jumping, posing, chicks!
cute chinstrap penguins in Cooper Bay, South Georgia and in Charlotte Bay on the Antarctic peninsula
Lots of photos of comical gentoo penguins, taken at Paulet Island and Brown Bluff, at the tip of the Antarctic peninsula.
King penguin photos taken at Cooper Bay and Gold Harbour in South Georgia. standing, swimming, posing, fuzzy chicks,!
Macaroni Penguins are the punk rockers of penguins! Taken at Cooper Bay in South Georgia.
Two or more species in a photo
Antarctic Prion
Antarctic Tern
Black-browed albatross
Blue-eyed shag (cormorant)
Brown skua
Giant petrel - northern and southern
Greater kelp goose
Greater upland goose
Kelp gull
Magellanic oystercatcher
Magellanic snipe
Two or more species in photo
Cape petrel (pintado)
Snow petrel
Snowy sheathbill
Southern antarctic fulmar
Storm petrel
Turkey vulture
Two-banded plover
Wandering albatross
Mission Antarctica 2002
wildlife (mostly polar bears!)
Prague 1
Prague 2
Prague at Night
Cesky Krumlov
Lipizzaner Horse Show, Puszta
Novi Sad
Sargan Eight Train
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Split, Croatia
Krka Falls National Park, Split, Croatia
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzogovina
Croatia - Katarina Line Cruise
Sevilla Real Alcalzar
A tour through the Real Alcazar in Sevilla, February 2019
Sevilla Night Scenes
Photos taken in Sevilla at night in February and March, 2019 Many of these were taken from the rooftops and balconies of our lodgings: the Welldone Catedral, and the Suites Murillo Alcazar.
Sevilla Day Scenes
Beautiful Sevilla in February. Blue skies, spring-like temperatures, gorgeous vistas, and happy people.
Sevilla Cathedral
Views of the cathedral from below, both in the daytime and at night. Photos from a tour through the Catedral de Sevilla in February, 2019.
Plaza de Espana
Cordoba Puente Romano, Puerta, and Torre de Calahorra
A sunny day walking along the Roman Bridge, Bridge Gate and Calahorra Tower in Cordoba, Spain
Cordoba Mezquita-Catedral
Cordoba Day Scenes
Granada - the Alhambra
Granada - Day Scenes
Caminito del Rey
Road to Ronda
Arcos de la Frontera
Jerez de la Frontera
Flowers and Trees of Spain
Other Beautiful Flowers
Pasque Flowers
Bees and wasps (not bumblebees!)
Other insects
Blue Jays
Wild turkeys
Kincardine Harbour Scenes
Other Kincardine Scenes
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